What to do?

What will you be when you grow up??
When I was little I wanted to be a soccer player!
A little older, I would become a musher... but mushing is a lifestyle not a job!
After that I wanted to be an actor, Because I love the way that the work is never the same every day! And just so fantastic!
But now I've simply have no idea what I want to be! I mean how would I know what I want. I am only 19 years old! I'm supposed to have the best time of my life, like partying, doing lots of stupid shit... but everyone nag me to figure it out. It's biggest problem with having a big family, all the fuss, everyone that is waiting for you to figure out what to do until the day you die and are under the ground, or harbors a retirement home!
But this is the time we should make lots of mistakes and learn from them! But you can't go on with life with that, cause you need a job to live your life, no matter what you want to do!
I am 19 and I just want to have a fun job, what I like, but I have no idea about what that would be, any suggestions?
But there is one thing I always say to my self, never give up you can get to anywhere if you just keep believing in yourself!

Enough about my shit, so see you next time!!!

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